Noch nie wurde ein Staatsgast im Weißen Haus so gedemütigt

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  1. Alberon sagt:

    Was Schwurbelt ihr den da, natürlich hat Trump der Alten die hand gereicht.
    leider ist er höflich und nicht so hinterfotzig, wie einige hier im Land.

  2. Sorb State Judge State Triglav and at wish of Magier religion, Auftragsmagier, where I just accepted parts sagt:

    Merkel was forbidden with all Jews and foreigners when I was ten years and wanted to have 5 babies at the Sorbic national states hopsitals, and edu 8 Druide, 9 Magier and 8-10 and help the Deutsche with chin backwards not to die out, over ther forbidden Jews knowing that Magier religion forbids the Jews always with their Jews genocide tries contra the land owners with chin backwards who are the BUNDESREGIERUNG and HIGH COURT of the BUnd,

    I found great the Sorbic national state heales envoyees, they impressed me deeply, in their wisdom, honesty, their was of teaching straight forward, 0 psyche, 0 soul, 0 justitia, 0 AtonJehovahAlla, 0 Dr4insurancesRF, 0 Berlin, 0 Free State Sachsen, 0 BRD, 0 DDR, 0 Israel, 0 USA, 0 UK, 0 UdSSR, 0 Turkey, 0 Gov Paris, Bonn, Tiergarten, Knesset. Jews asked asylum and visa in Jersualem „Palestine“ and STate Triglav, three Gods on island SORBIC RELIGION state with 0 psyche, 0 soul, 0 „Justitia“, 0 christianislamjews belief, where Dr not examiner-convert, and forbidden EsraKZ, JeshuvahKZ, FreudDrKZ, torture small children handicapped, children so need hospital, lie this was edu, torture so belly organs dead, lie this was out of work place, tie and maim and murder, lie KZ is LK and Heim; FORBIDDEN with Jews behind it all the time, with Jew Freud, Jew Hitler, Jew Rothschild steering central of the KZ. They NO visa, 0 asylum, with the Deutsche, FORBIDDEN on STATE TRIGLAV, so 0 Merkek Kalzler with ROthchild and Hitler; TOgether they murdered a billion with their illegal occupatioon NO visa, no asylum. THough Trump is NOT president, someone else was elected, and borders issues regulate also CHeyenne, and Putin is also not boss, as second Mengele, while Obama sued for jail for raying people dead, if demanding peace at Pentagon, illegal occupation and massacring contra normal human rights of e/chem not being injured, like a ROthschild muppet, I find well that Trump NOT shakes hands of 1 billion killer Merkel. She was told back then, when I was appointed state judge of STATE TRIGLAV and all Jews, foreigners, Deutsche FORBIDDEN on STATE TRIGLAV, they have forbidden to kill my organs, to prevent babies.
    I wanting 5 babies, Merkel at 2 years no cent no food, trying with euthanasy lies to kill me, while I zero psyche, zero soul, zero justitia, as state judge of STATE TRIGLAV: Where Merke lies she respects the religious freedom of the Druide state, Magier states, Sorbic religions state, segregated, NEVER Berlin, NEVER BRD, NEVER DDR, NEVER Freistaat Sachsen, NEVER EU, NEVER gov Knesset, Bonn, Tiergarten, but when ten I was asked for North American human rights court to confirm the 0 democracy gov.s are the CORRECT and CORRECT 0 Berlin, and I confirmed, that NEVER was a Berlin on STATE TRIGLAV, 3 Gods on island religion, SORBIC, NOT Deutsche, NOT Arab Esra, ARAB Jehsuvah, ARAB-Mongole Freud, Rothschild grandson Hitler „Psyche“, third falsification of lie „soul“: Rothschild Britain scored as a center by this falsification, where the Mjölnir can alike „GPS“ trans falsification used, source after Freud dead, being BRITAIN ROTHSCHILD THERE: The Mjölner NOT has that falsifcation but who’d derivate of FIRST of anglo-Saxon, without understanding the first: ROTHSCHILD came LATER … sitting at Vatican bank, Hitler-Merkel Gauk bank, deporations into renamed KZ, massacring by the billion, they are the SOURCE AND CENTER of the KZ, NEO-KZ. Well done not shake hands with the BILLION KILLER FRONT: TRUMP will not like political advice of me, as muppet of Rothschild of Exxon or stuff like that, as I named someone else next boss of the land, not by name, but by sort, of RED INDIAN victim anatomically diff, e/chem attacked, and abused alike MDAC children, when co-religions of SORBIC won and Kreml lost, who gov, that MDAC to guard MUSEUM contra human rights Kreml, and anat. diff, mor damaged tortured Red Indian squaw to do more, than just guard MUSEUM White House, NEVER GOV; NEVER USA: Alike I was named when 0 Gov Tiergarten, Bonn, ever, to special postion, with others, as someone shocking by age of 10, how I talked how they will kill my belly organs, cause I want babies, how I then will walk with dead belly organs, how they will attack with hallucinogen and destroy sleep regulators and try kill my heart, all so then, and how they want starve me dead, so they now at 2 years no cent no food, to prevent the babies.


  3. Sorb State Judge State Triglav and at wish of Magier religion, Auftragsmagier, where I just accepted parts sagt:

    Merkel to Obama: THis is FREEDOM! I to old men, what’s THIS LIKE? He: They beat out parts of his teeth, squishing his thyroid. He to destroy himself in the renamed KZ lie LK, more and more, world wide forbidden. He to make himself with tablets so fat, that his OLD HEART CANNOT pump to 100 kg, 110 kg, 120 kg, 130 kg, the tablets he to destroy himself daily in the renamed KZ with. He lifing caught in half darkness, to kill himself with the comanded suicide tablets. Like I demanding 38 years the hospital, never any, they just try kill in the NeoKZ with chemstry, I was beat up at running heart attack cause wanting Cardiology, after belly organs died, and they ripped heart scards of second heart attack open, added third and tried murder me at running heart attack,
    they want he to kill his old heart not able to pump to the mass these tablets grossly deform his body too. THey threaten, if he wanting cardiology, they will squish his thyroid second time, instead hospital for the damages, beat out the rest of his teeth.

    Merkel: That is FREEDOM, religious freedom: By atheist science 0 psyche, 0 can fall ill, 0 soul, 0 justitia, 0 AtonJehovahAllah, by folks rights NEVER a gov in Knesset, Bonn, Tiergarten, 0 BerlinBRDDDR, illegal, …

    Merkel, the GREAT FREEDOM OBAMANA: The OLD MAN: THROTTLING HIM DEAD, while beating the rest of his teeth out, if he lying on the floor, while the heart not able to pump to the chemical mud mass he to deform his body to to self torture himself dead in the neoKZ, squishing his thyroid more damaged, they threated, beat out the rest of teeth and kill him, if he does not commanded „suicide“ with the MURDER TABLETS, after ROthschild, grandson Hitler, supposed daughter (?) and relative of ROthschild Merkel, forbidden internationally, KILLING A BILLION, trying to get him dead so also:
    That’s supposed to the this „freedom“ she meaning, killing by the billion, after forbidden wtih the 4 insurances, never BRD, never DDR, never EU, never Berlin, never gov in Tiergarten, Bonn, illegal occuapation, massacring by the billion..

    I laud Trump NOT shake hands with HITLER II, Merkel, forbidden genocide the previous total population to steal the land with foreigners, while she 0 visa, 0 constitution in Karlösruhe, 90 asyl and starte TRIGLAV folks rights close borders, let 0 other folk, 0 other religion over, and having for their citizens ALL North American HUMAN RIGHTS with 0 SGB, and FORBIDDING such tortures are done to handicapped, old people.

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